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Welcome to your one stop shop for sleep masks. Are you having trouble sleeping at night or maybe you are doing night shifts and the light during the day time stops you from sleeping? Or maybe you have a flight ahead of you to some exotic location and you are planning to have a sleep on the plane so that you can enjoy your destination, rather than feeling like you need to go straight to bed to get some rest. Or maybe you are running an exercise at work to encourage team work. Whatever the reason we sell the type of sleep mask that can provide the perfect partner for all of these scenarios.

Because we only sell one type of sleep mask we can offer them at a really cheap price. However we do offer them in two colours which are:

black sleep masks


Blue sleep masks

The price gets cheaper the more you buy. We also include 1st class P&P in the price and we think that you will agree they really are a bargain.

Sleep mask features


sleep mask

Our sleep masks are black or blue material on the outside with two layers inside. One layer is foam and the other a non woven fabric. The design includes a piece that folds around the nose that helps to stop daylight hitting the eyes. Each mask has two individual pieces of elastic to help secure the sleep mask over your eyes. Each individual sleep mask is wrapped in a cellophane pouch.

Our prices are:

1 x sleep mask (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE) inc 1st class P&P = £2.95

5 x sleep mask inc 1st class P&P = £4.95

10 x sleep mask inc 1st class P&P = £6.00

25 x sleep mask inc 1st class P&P = £15.00

50 x sleep mask inc 1st class P&P = £28.00

100 x sleep mask inc 1st class P&P = £53.00

If you require sleep masks outside the UK please contact us for postage prices